If its quick and easy it aint gonna be lucrative

One thing I want to touch on as any business involves doing some research, I get people all the time looking for easy money in business, practically wanting it to fall on their lap. I did a page on finding owners of plots for interested buyers, I got a lot of questions, so I added more info, I still have people asking me if there is a list of people that are looking for plot owners. That is what the whole business is all about, that is the competitive advantage. Then I would have done it myself if it was so quick and easy and just took up a few minutes of my time. You must put in the effort yourself.

Another thing is location: some people want the materials and equipment they need to start and run their business to literally be on their doorstep or they won’t do the business, even though they have the means to make a success of it. Forget the fact that you can ship province to province overnight in SA, nope still want the goods to come to come to them. If the goods were at your door or widely available in your area you would have too many people in your area already doing it and it would be too competitive to make money.

Let me give you an example, when I wrote the page on buying and selling dust masks last year, you could get dust masks for 50c each in Cape Town (the price is around 70c right now) even less than what I quoted to factor in shipping fees. Only the Cape town branch of the company mentioned sells that model. Nope, people want it to be on their doorstep.

It is irrelevant whether a company delivers or not, once you get a proforma and pay it (and payment clears) you can send any courier or a friend to pick it up. Obviously make sure the company is reputable first before making any payments.

So why am I rambling on about this? The majority of people interested in any business idea is going to wantthe items to come to them and that is where and why there is opportunity is because so few people are doing it, entrepreneurs in SA don’t like to take the effort that is why a lot of them do the same easy thing like sell fidget spinners and make too little money to survive because everyone is doing the same thing.

The type of questions I get are the worst, people want to use a Google search and be done. But what many people don’t know is, is that the majority of people that sell to trade is not found on Google because they don’t sell to the public. You have to do your research, and only you can do that. Sometimes people don’t even read the page finish before asking questions when the answer was there in front of them. Apply your mind, take initiative and work hard. Success will follow.

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