The Path to R1 Million

It is often said the first million is the hardest, while R1 million may not be a lot by modern standards, it is an important psychological milestone in a small business whether annually or as you grow, monthly. Here is a simplified look at how this can be achieved.

Retail Product or Service
Sell a R200 product or service to 5000 people
Sell a R500 product or service to 2000 people
Sell a R1000 product or service to 1000 people
Sell a R2000 product or service to 500 people
Sell a R4000 product or service to 250 people

Recurring Income (annually)
Let 5000 people pay R16.67 a month for 12 months
Let 2000 people pay R41.67 a month for 12 months
Let 1000 people pay R83.33 a month for 12 months
Let 500 people pay R166.67 a month for 12 months
Let 250 people pay R333.33 a month for 12 months